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Are you ready to join our LEGACY?

Welcome to the Legacy Elite All Star Cheer Program, where we offer a diverse range of all-star programs designed to cater to every budget and commitment level. Our commitment to excellence in cheerleading is unparalleled, and we take pride in providing options that suit the needs of aspiring cheerleaders at all stages of their journey. Whether you're looking for a competitive, high-intensity program or a more affordable and flexible option, we have the perfect fit for you.


Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your cheerleading goals, whether that's competing at the highest level or simply enjoying the camaraderie and excitement of the sport. Join us at Legacy Elite and become a part of our cheer family, where every athlete's aspirations and potential are valued and nurtured.  and nurtured.

All- Star Cheer Programs

Tiny Show Heartbreakers- Performance Team

Introducing our Tiny Show program, where little cheerleaders aged 3-5 take their first steps into the world of cheerleading fun! In this program, we focus on teaching the basics of cheerleading, including jumps, motions, stunting, and tumbling, all while having a blast. With just one-hour practice sessions once a week, it's perfect for busy parents and energetic tots. Join us, and watch your tiny cheerleader shine as they dazzle the crowd at 2-3 local performances, spreading cheer and smiles wherever they go!

Full Season- Limited Travel Teams

Join our Limited Travel All Star program, where cheerleaders aged 5-18 kickstart their exciting cheer journey! Whether you're a newcomer or just looking for a low-commitment option, our team focuses on mastering the cheer fundamentals like jumps, motions, stunting, and tumbling, all while having a blast. With just one 2-hour practice session per week, it's perfect for busy families. Get ready to shine as we take the stage at 4 exhilarating competitions throughout the season, and the best part? No previous experience required – just bring your enthusiasm and let's cheer our hearts out!

Full Season- Elite Teams

Get ready to join the elite ranks of cheerleaders with our Elite Travel All Star program! Designed for athletes aged 5-18, this program is the pinnacle of cheer excellence. You'll be placed on teams matching your skill level and age, where we'll train twice a week for two hours, perfecting our routines. We'll take our talents to larger events all across the Midwest, concluding our season with a chance to earn a coveted bid at an eligible event. So, if you're ready to take your cheerleading skills to the next level, come join our elite squad – it's time to shine and conquer the cheer world!


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